Trust Issues

Suzanne Fanning, President of Word of Mouth Marketing Association, was quoted in Forbes stating, “millennials are the most connected generation of buyers the world has ever seen, but they don’t trust companies or CEOs – they trust their friends and connections, and they want to hear about real experiences from real people. Make sure they are happy, satisfied customers, and provide easy ways for them to share.”

Bud Light took over a small town in Colorado with a population of 1,500 and created one of the most desirable locations in the US for millennials. The entire campaign aligned with Bud Light’s marketing strategy that is designed to generate stronger brand passion among the millennial demographic.

Social media activity sky rocked and #upforwhatever became the catalyst for consumers to tell their Bud Light story. Thousands of consumers sent in videos to the Up for Whatever Youtube page, applying for an invitation to the next Whatever USA.

Do you think brands need to be #UpforWhatever to reach millennials?

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