Advergaming and Awareness

With more than half of total online revenue coming from mobile devices, utilizing mobile advertising has become a must. However, mobile should also be utilized for sharing complex information otherwise difficult to communicate.

Chipotle is an example of a company utilizing mobile marketing as a means for reinforcing and building awareness about their Food with Integrity commitment. Chipotle was able to communicate their message of sustainable farming with its “The Scarecrow” campaign featuring a short film in combination with a mobile game. The concept for both video and advergaming components of the campaign center on large processed food companies whose focus is revenue instead of sustainability and fresh food. Within four days of its release, the game reached over 250,000 downloads.

A spokeswoman for Chipotle, Danielle Winslow, explained that Chipotle wants “people to understand as much as possible about how food is raised, and we believe that a mobile game makes these issues more accessible.”

Advergaming was effective in addressing Chipotle’s Food with Integrity commitment due to its complicated subject matter. The mobile game allowed for a way to engage and entertain consumers, while also making them curious about where their food comes from and why it’s important. The game’s high production value, emotional and engaging plot, and large amount of varied content has been credited for the highly successful campaign. By December 2013 more than 530,000 consumers had downloaded the game through iTunes.

Based on Chipotle’s success, is advergaming underutilized? Should advergaming be utilized as a catalyst for awareness?

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