Stuff for the Sake of Stuff?

content_marketing_matters_581849Emerging media made way for advancements in how marketers were able to reach consumers, resulting in a much more challenging landscape. Consumers were presented with more and more messages as reaching these consumers became cheaper. It wasn’t just the large corporations reaching consumers; now every mom and pop shop in America has the resources to market to their target market. This resulted in marketers coming up with better ways connect with consumers, and content marketing was born.

93% of B2B marketers currently use content marketing, a $44 billion industry that generates three times as many leads per dollar spent as traditional marketing tactics.

LinkedIn is getting on board with their recently launch sponsored content advertising, allowing advertisers to reach their audience with their content marketing pieces.

This content is presented as useful thought leadership in the form of whitepapers, market reports and client updates however it is much more than that. Content marketing is not stuff for the sake of stuff. It is a carefully executed marketing strategy.

So next time you pick up one of these content marketing pieces, will you think twice? Are they less useful now that you know they are part of a bigger marketing strategy? Or are they still valuable though leadership?

View info graphic here:

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